About Holosophy


That which, being a whole in one context, is simultaneously a part in another.  Arthur Koestler


A philosophy, approach and encompassing framework of working with the whole and all its parts. It takes an integrated approach to bringing together all the important elements of a system for success. It creates connection between the inner and the outer, individual and the team, what is now and what is possible, between singular action and whole company results.

“Tug on anything at all and you’ll find it connecting to everything else in the universe.”
~ John Miur

Think of how Holosophy affects your professional life… your company is a holon comprised of all the operational teams within it. Your work team is a holon comprised of individual colleagues within it. Your life is a holon comprised of the beliefs, choices and actions that have shaped you and your career.

The 3 Pillars of Holosophy

  1. A Whole Person Experience: As a leader, you work as a whole person including not only mind but also body and soul. The inside game (of beliefs and emotions) drives the outside game (of behaviors and how you show up). This is the system of you with you.
  2. A Collective Experience: Holosophy leadership happens in relationship with people; the people you aspire to lead, the people you create collective leadership with and also with those whom you follow. This is the system of you with others.
  3. A Contextual Experience: You are always having an impact, whether you are aware of it or not and whether you choose to or not. Your actions have a rippling effect through the people and the world around you. Leadership is about seeking clarity, being conscious and exercising deliberate choice and, as a visionary, you take action, learn then applying what you now know. This is the system of you in relationship with what is happening in and through the environment around you.

I share Holosophy, both as a paradigm shift and as part of a greater movement for consciousness, to help leaders evolve, become more fulfilled and make a bigger difference in their world.