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Leaders today face big challenges — problems are complex, change happens fast, the future is unpredictable and they need to move their teams forward with confidence in the face of ambiguity. AND leaders have huge opportunities to discover and create. It takes more than just learning a new skill or adding a new tool to take these on.

Businesses can’t be better than the leaders who run them. Leaders must push their own personal limits and accelerate their learning, both for their own fulfillment and for the good of their team and organization. In fact, leaders who don’t push their own learning are left behind as the needs of their business move past their capabilities.

To meet these challenges leaders must go beyond their current ‘know how’ to expand their capacity, have more complex and sophisticated ways of thinking, and understand their own stage of development.

“We don’t just need a new map – we need ways to change the mapmaker.”
—Ken Wilbur
What Embodying Holosophy Can Do For You

As a coach and facilitator, I work with leaders to dig into significant levels of self-discovery and explore often-unasked questions to crack open their thinking and experiment with new ways of being. Dramatic shifts can happen quickly and bigger possibilities open up because leader who learn can take on larger roles, accelerate faster growth, tackle the toughest issues, create innovative solutions and create deep personal and professional satisfaction.

Different Ways to Partner

There are many facets to evolving leadership and creating sustained change. Here are different ways I can help you work with Holosophy.

Leadership Development Experiences

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Leadership Coaching – Leadership Leap

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Leadership Team Effectiveness

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Your Moment Of Choice Is Now

Having worked with leaders in companies across North America, Asia and Europe, from Fortune 50 to small non-profits, I have seen time and time again that investing in development increases leadership effectiveness which fuels business performance and personal fulfillment.

You should know that, as your Holosophy coach and facilitator, I will challenge your thinking, push you to your limits and be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. The good news is that I bring a sense of humor as well – this is serious work and we need to be buoyant together.

“When we walk to the edges of all the light we have and take that step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on or we will be taught to fly.”
—Patrick Overton

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