Client Transformations


“MY PARTNERSHIP WITH YVONNE CENTERED AROUND HELPING ME SCALE INTO A BIGGER ROLE AND SET ME ON A PATH FOR EVEN BIGGER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FUTURE. Yvonne helped me ‘re-boot & up-grade’ my system – which really means she helped me figure out what changes I needed to make in my leadership to be effective leading a global team, leading an organization through significant change, enhancing my ability to connect, lead and inspire with 300+ people none of whom sat in same country as me. We focused on increasing my connection and engagement with field leaders around the globe, and I got reconnected to my own authenticity as a leader.  Yvonne did a great job in increasing  my self-awareness and gave me practical insights and tools I could apply to real-world scenario. She is a real resource to anyone looking to expand their leadership.”

Aman Joshi
CFO, GE Distributed Power


“I participated in a High Potential leadership program that Yvonne designed and it was a rich learning experience that really made a difference in how I lead. The program was intense and robust, touching on many different elements necessary to grow with the company – training sessions that helped me build skills, interaction with people in my cohort to increase my connections across the company, exposure to senior leaders to broaden my perspective about the business, succession planning to help us gain access to promotion opportunities, and assessment and coaching that helped me deepen my self-awareness and apply what I learned to my real-world challenges. Yvonne created an innovative program that was both thought-provoking and practical, and her coaching, facilitation and shepherding of our cohort had a big impact. I look forward to working with Yvonne again.”

Sherlaender Phillips
Enterprise Sales GM, Microsoft


“Working with Yvonne as a coach helped me handle things differently as a leader and make some meaningful changes for myself and with my team.  Having someone outside my organization was really helpful – she could relate to what I do and brought an outsider’s perspective.  She created a safe space where I could be honest and share, which helped me get at underlying issues that were impacting my leadership, and she gave me practical tools and strategies that I have applied to my business challenges and made positive progress.”

Sherry Bunce
Territory Vice President, Aspen Dental Management, Inc.


“Working with Yvonne enabled me to think more expansively about growing my global business and scaling myself as a global business leader. We worked deeply on what drives me and how to care for myself in order to reduce my stress and increase the energy I bring to the work I love doing – designing strategy, developing my people and serving and ‘wow-ing our clients. She met me where I was and quickly expanded my mindset, mental models and ability to execute.”

Christina Randle
President, The Effective Edge


“Yvonne is an intuitive coach with patience and insight. I worked with her as my coach, exploring my hopes for my new role. Yvonne kept to my agenda while challenging me to move forward. She brings sensitivity and patience, building readiness and getting results.”

Ken Kauffman
Director of Organization Development, Providence Health System


“If you’re at the point in your career / life that you’re seeking a business coach, I highly recommend Yvonne Ingalls. Yvonne has the skills, tools and ability to help you grow, both personally and professionally. Yvonne is extremely easy to work with, yet focused on outcomes and driving results with each session. She provides the framework and tools necessary to successfully move through a process, which otherwise may seem vague or daunting without the appropriate guidance. Her depth of experience was obvious, as she had resources available for each new issue encountered along my path. Our time together was invaluable, and I’m extremely grateful for not only the guidance she provided, but also for making the process both interesting and enjoyable. Sometimes learning, changing and improving can be hard. Yvonne has a wonderful ability to make you feel better about yourself while transforming towards a more fulfilling life.”

Clint Lunde
Senior Management Consultant & Social Entrepreneur, Founder The Mindfulness Network


“Yvonne’s skill as an executive coach is highly effective! I found Yvonne to have excellent listening skills, the ability to make me feel comfortable, and the ability to rephrase and ask the ‘right’ questions. These helped me think critically as I processed my career and life goals. Earlier this year, I made a life shift towards the life I love and must say that Yvonne’s coaching played a direct influence on it. With over 15 months of targeted coaching sessions, I have verbalized and set specific measurable goals, taken actionable steps and seen many results. As I have found Yvonne’s impact to be Highly Effective, I strongly recommend her, without reservation, for any opportunity she chooses to pursue. She is a true harvester of people / resources / talent, so you will not be disappointed.”

Shavonne Morain
Chief of Staff, Ohio State University